PL006C – South East Tor (Bock 2/5)  - Faroe Petroleum 10%                              

The South East Tor licence is located in the Norwegian Southern North Sea, in 67 metres of water depth near the producing Ekofisk, Valhall and Tor fields which are potential tie back candidates. Well 2/5-3 was drilled in 1972 on the crest of a salt induced anticline and encountered oil in both the Upper Cretaceous Tor and Ekofisk chalk formations and was  tested, with 43 degree API oil quality at 4,525 bopd from the Tor Formation and also 4,281 bopd from a separate test in the Ekofisk Formation.  In March 2009, the Hyme exploration well was tested on the flank of South East Tor but did not prove up hydrocarbons in the main Chalk target, but found good indications of oil in the shallower Palaeocene sandstone reservoirs.

 The partners in this licence PL006C are Lundin Norway AS (75 per cent and operator) and Noreco Norway AS (15 per cent)

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