Faroe Petroleum is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental performance across its business.  Health and Safety of people and protection of the environment and assets is critical to the overall success of our Company.

Responsibility policiesresponsibility

Environmental Policy

It is the Company’s policy not to damage the environment through its activities, and we will:

Safety Policy

The Company’s philosophy and policy on safety is that:

Health Policy

The Company’s occupational health programme shall protect employees from health hazards that may be associated with the Company’s work and the working environment.  The Company shall be active in health promotion, aiming at preventing health risks associated with the general living environment and life style.  The Company’s policy on health is to ensure:

As an operator, Faroe Petroleum will verify that all contractor personnel have adequate health protection and guidance supporting their activity.

HSEQ performance will be routinely monitored and reported regularly to the Board of Directors, who will ensure that the necessary resources are provided to support this Policy fully.