Vision & Strategy

Through the expansion of our world-class asset portfolio, we aim to become the leading independent exploration and production oil and gas company who are a trusted partner and employer of choice.

Strategic drivers

Our strategic vision

Our strategy is to grow value from reserves and resources through monetising exploration and appraisal successes, participating in selective development projects and pursuing value accretive asset transactions.  This strategy, underpinned by cash flow from good quality production assets, a strong balance sheet and rigorous financial discipline, has delivered exceptional results for Faroe, creating a strong platform for continued growth.

Win licences

Drill and discover

Monetise assets

Generate revenue and create value for stakeholders


A robust business modelbusiness-model_2016

We have built solid foundations in the three main elements of our business model:

  1. Exploration (application, licence awards, prospect maturation, discovery);
  2. Monetisation (appraisal, development, sale, swap/trade into production);
  3. Financing (cash reserves, cash flow, debt facilities and tax efficiency).

Faroe is now a full-cycle E&P company with a balanced and diverse portfolio of exploration, development and production assets.  the Company’s consistent focus on exploration has delivered high-quality discoveries over several years and the maturing and monetising of several of these discoveries now form an increasing part of our growth model.

Performance (KPI’s)