Blane - P111

The Blane Oil Field was discovered in 1989 and is located in the Central Graben (UK), extending into the Norwegian sector.


Blane - P111

Area Equity Partners Blocks
North Sea (UK) 44.4982% equity Repsol Norge AS (18% and operator)
Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Ltd (25.0012%)
Dana Petroleum (12.5006%)
30/3a (Upper)

Production commenced in September 2007 from a Tertiary Palaeocene Forties sands reservoir with a structural closure. The field has been developed as a sub-sea tie-back to the Ula platform (Faroe 20%), located on the Norwegian continental shelf (34 kilometres to the north east), and currently comprises two horizontal production wells with gas lift and one water injection well.

Faroe has built its 44.4982% interest in this asset in three stages acquiring its initial 18.0041% interest in the Blane Field in October 2010, a further 12.5006% in September 2015 and in July 2017 a further 13.9935%.