Brage - PL053 B/PL055/PL055 B/PL055 D/PL185

The Brage Field is located east of Oseberg in the northern part of the North Sea (NO) and commenced production in 1993.


Brage - PL053 B/PL055/PL055 B/PL055 D/PL185

Area Equity Partners Blocks
Norwegian Sea (NO) 14.26% equity Wintershall Norge AS (35.2% and operator)
Neptune (4.44%)
Vår Energi AS (12.26%)
Repsol Norge AS (33.84%)
30/6, 31/4, 31/7

The Brage Field is operated by Wintershall and has been developed with a production facility on a steel jacket.  The field consists of four separate Jurassic reservoirs namely the Statfjord, Sognefjord, Fensfjord and Brent reservoirs.  All wells are drilled, produced and operated from the Brage PDQ (production, drilling and quarters facility) platform.  Oil production is transported via the Oseberg Transportation System to the Sture onshore terminal.  Some gas is used for gas lift with the remainder sold and transported via the Statpipe to the market.

Three producers and two injectors have been drilled and completed in 2017/2018.  The further infill well potential is currently being assessed.