Edinburgh - P2401

The Edinburgh prospect straddles the UK/Norway border in the Central North Sea, at the south eastern end of the prolific Josephine Ridge area, south of the producing Blane field (Faroe 44.5%) and adjacent to the producing Flyndre/Cawdor fields operated by Maersk.


Edinburgh - P2401

Area Equity Partners Blocks
Central North Sea 100% equity Faroe (100% and operator) 30/14b

The prospective reservoirs in this new licence include the Triassic Skagerrak Formation and the Upper Jurassic Ula age-equivalent (Freshney and Fulmar) proven reservoir sandstones.

The large Edinburgh prospect spans multiple licences in UK and Norwegian waters of the North Sea. The licence work programme comprises a drill-or-drop well, pore pressure analysis and structural studies.