Njord - PL107/PL107 C/PL132

The Njord Field is located in the Norwegian Sea (NO) close to Faroe’s exploration licences on the Halten Terrace.


Njord - PL107/PL107 C/PL132

Area Equity Partners Blocks
Norwegian Sea (NO) 7.5% equity Neptune (22.5%)
DEA Norge AS (50%)
Equinor Energy AS (20% and operator)
6407/7, 10

The Njord field which is operated by Equinor Energy AS, commenced production in 1997 and has been developed with a floating production, drilling and quarters semi-submersible platform. Oil is transported by tankers and the gas is exported in the Norwegian gas infrastructure system to Europe.

Njord Future Project
Production from the Njord and Hyme fields was suspended in mid 2016 and the Njord A platform was towed to shore (at Stord) for strengthening of the hull structure and modifying the topside to extend lifetime until 2040. This has been defined as the Njord Future development project and also includes the upgrade of processing facilities to accommodate tie-back production from Bauge and Fenja (Pil) (Faroe balanced ownership with 7.5% in all fields).

The formal Concept Select (DG2) for Njord Future was made in July 2016 and the PDO was approved by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in June 2017.

The Njord Future project includes the following main elements:
• Upgrade and strengthening of the existing hull structure including blisters on each of the four columns, new transverse pontoons, deckboxes on top of each column and strengthening of trusswork
• Upgrade of the topside facility to enable a field life beyond the current facility design life, including new SAS system
• Upgrade of the drilling facilities for future drilling operations
• Upgrade the facility to handle the Bauge and Fenja (formerly Pil & Bue) subsea tie-back fields
• Upgrade of the Njord B FSU vessel which will also satisfy new and stricter VOC emission limitations

Recommencement of production from Njord is expected in October 2020, followed by re-start of production from Hyme and first oil from Bauge and Fenja shortly thereafter.  Net peak production to Faroe from Njord, Hyme and Bauge is expected to be around 6,000 boe/d after start-up (Operator’s forecast).

Njord NF2 and NF3 Discoveries
Two minor gas-condensate-oil discoveries were encountered on the northern flank of the Njord Field in 2016. The NF2 prospect and NF3 prospect respectively, proved hydrocarbons in lower and middle Jurassic reservoirs and a full evaluation of these discoveries is under way looking at the potential to tie them in to the main Njord Field after the resumption of production in 2020.