North Celtic Sea (south west) - LO17/1

Licensing Option 17/1 was awarded to Faroe Petroleum in June 2017 for an 18 month period. 17/1 is located on the southern margin of the North Celtic Sea basin.

North Celtic Sea (south west)

North Celtic Sea (south west) - LO17/1

Area Equity Partners Blocks
Celtic Sea (IR) 100% equity None 57/7, 11, 57/6(part), 8(part), 9(part), 12(part)

The Licensing Option covers an area of 1086 square kilometres, in relatively shallow water depths of 100 metres situated some 75 kilometres off the south coast of Ireland.  The primary target is the under-explored Triassic Play, comprising Sherwood Sandstone reservoir juxtaposed against Lower Jurassic oil prone source rocks.  The age and configuration of source and reservoir bear many similarities to the Wytch Farm Oil Field, onshore UK.  Initial interpretation of existing and Faroe reprocessed 2D seismic data has revealed the presence of a number of large structural traps within the licensing option areas.