Ringhorne East - PL169 E

The Ringhorne East Oil Field, operated by Point, is located north east of Balder in the middle of the North Sea (NO) and commenced production in 2006.

Ringhorne East

Ringhorne East - PL169 E

Area Equity Partners Blocks
North Sea (NO) 7.80% equity Vår Energi AS (77.38% and operator)
Equinor Energy AS (14.82%)

The field has been developed by four production wells drilled from the Ringhorne facility on the Balder Field.  Production from Ringhorne East is transported to the Balder and Jotun facilities for processing, storage and export.  Further in-fill targets are currently being evaluated for drilling in 2019/2020 through updating models, interpreting 4D seismic data and maturing extended reach drilling technology.