Tambar and Tambar East - PL065/PL065 B/PL300

The Tambar and Tambar East Unit Fields are satellite fields, approximately 16 kilometres to the southeast of the Ula field located in the Norwegian North Sea (Faroe 20%). The fields commenced production in 2001.

Tambar and Tambar East

Tambar and Tambar East - PL065/PL065 B/PL300

Area Equity Partners Blocks
North Sea (NO) 45% and 37.8% equity Aker BP ASA (55% and operator) 1/3, 2/1

Tambar has been developed with an unmanned wellhead platform tied back to the Ula Platform, with three existing wells in the Tambar reservoir and one existing well in Tambar East.  The two fields are operated by Aker BP with the majority of the developed reserves found in the Tambar Field.

In October 2017 a development programme on the Tambar Field commenced consisting of two new infill wells and the installation of gas lift in three existing wells to increase overall field production.  The infill wells targeted undrained areas of the field identified in the north and south.  These two wells were put on stream in April 2018 and the initial flow rates exceeded pre-drill expectations.

The installation of gas lift in three existing wells is ongoing.  The gas produced by the Tambar field will be transported to and reinjected into the Ula field (Faroe 20%) as part of its successful ongoing Water Alternating Gas (‘WAG’) injection scheme, which is expected to generate additional production over the life of the Ula field.

The combination of the infill wells and installation of gas lift has the potential to increase Tambar production markedly and extend field life by up to 10 years, contributing to lower unit operating costs in the Ula hub area.